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10 Simple Ottoman Slipcover Ideas for DIY Decorators

Striped canvas ottoman slipcover.I have a fun post for you today. It’s all about design inspiration for ottoman slipcovers.

I share 10 simple styles made by DIY decorators, homemakers and product makers. Each one captures a unique look and feel.

I’m certain these designs will spark a lot of ideas for your own ottoman project. You’ll even find a few tutorials in the mix.  Enjoy!  Continue reading

20 Tips for Slipcover Success

The Slipcover Maker Stripe Armchair

Armchair slipcover in Toulouse Onyx Stripe by The Slipcover Maker

Are you making your own slipcover or hiring a pro? Either way there are several things to decide on before you begin your project to ensure best results. Here are 20 tips that will help you plan for slipcover success. Continue reading

Make Your Own Beautiful Slipper Chair Slipcover

Slipper Chair Slipcover in White Denim

White denim slipper chair cover by The Slipcover Maker

The slipper chair. You might know this little upholstered armless piece as an accent chair. I think of it as the everywhere chair.

Thanks to it’s universal design and small footprint the slipper chair has become a favorite for  extra seating in living rooms, bedrooms, reading nooks, guest rooms, hotel lobbies, waiting rooms and offices.

And, for you DIY home decorators, it’s one of the easiest chairs to update with a custom slipcover. Yes, you can make it yourself! At the bottom of this post you’ll find several helpful tutorials to get you started.

But first, let’s take a look at some slipper chair inspiration! Continue reading