Dog Friendly Denim Slipcover

Pet friendly denim sofa slipcover by Karen Powell
Pet-friendly washed denim sofa slipcover in color Burlap.
dog on sofa before
Esther sitting on HER sofa before slipcover arrives.

When a customer tells me their dogs have taken over their sofa, I recommend denim for their slipcover.  A weighty and supple 12 to 14 ounce denim holds up well to frequent wear and wash.

A good quality bull denim (solid color) works fine for a pet friendly slipcover. However, I’d go with a yarn dyed denim (woven with a color and white) because the two-tone color effect hides dog hair better.

Tip:  be sure to preshrink your denim fabric before making your slipcover even if the fabric label says it’s “prewashed” or has a “laundered finish”.

For this slipcover makeover I had to get creative on patterning the arm.  It has a sway back top and a steep curved edge along the side.  Wrapping the front arm with thick denim to mimic the upholstered pleats would only turn into a big glob of fabric.  So I redefined the front arm shape with welt cord and added a couple of tucks to form the fabric over the curve.

Denim slipcover by Karen Powell


  1. The denim slipcovered sofa looks fabulous. Are the pillow backs attached or loose?

  2. As a client who has had you make two slipcovers for my “dogs” wingback chairs I agree. The denim we chose looks great and it doesn’t seem to show any ill effects of Toby.
    I need to get you a picture so you can show them and also show off my beautiful little Toby.

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