Washable Natural Denim Slipcovers for Lakeside Living

Washable slipcovers are a must-have at my customer’s welcoming home on Lake Michigan.  The original white sofa and chair slipcovers held up well to kids, dogs (a lot of dogs), overnight guests and even the occasional cat.  But after awhile even the toughest slipcover starts to loose it’s shape and show signs of wear. It was time for a replacement.

Before: original white twill slipcovers

For this slipcover makeover I used a heavy weight natural denim on the living room sofa and chairs. This is one of my favorite fabrics for kid and pet friendly slipcovers.  It’s comfy, strong and washes well.  And, it’s really good looking, too!

AFTER: natural denim sofa slipcover
AFTER: natural denim chair slipcover
AFTER: natural denim chair slipcover


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