My Favorite Fit for Custom Slipcovers

Washable Natural Sofa Slipcover
brown sofa before slipcover

The wonderful thing about having a custom slipcover made is it can be designed to fit however you want: upholstered-like, shabby chic, loose fit, etc.

My favorite slipcover fit is the one shown here. I call it tailored casual.  It shows off the contours of the furniture without being too tight or too loose. The look is simple and relaxed. I especially like this fit for classic sofas and chairs I slipcover in heavyweight washed denim and canvas.

Denim Slipcover with Tailored Fit


  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog.
    I also love your tailored casual fit and many thanks for the fabric info and websites! As I sew and have slip covered a chair before, you have given me the confidence to tackle my 2 camel back sofas- in great shape, just dark gold! Wishing you continued success,
    Sue Avakian

    1. You’re welcome, Sue! I appreciate you letting me know my slipcover work inspires your projects…that makes me happy!
      Slipcovering your own camelback sofas, how fun! You can definitely do it and they will look gorgeous. I’m cheering you on!

  2. Great work. So beautiful. Hard to believe it’s the same sofa shown in the “before” photo! How did you restore the cushion inserts?

    1. Thanks Liz! I refreshed the down back cushions by adding some down alternative pillow stuffing. It’s the light weight, springy poly fiberfil I get by the pound from Foam Order It mixes well with feathers and down. I didn’t refresh the seat cushions. I did my best to shift and smooth the down envelopes as I put on the new covers. That is only a temporary fix, of course. The cushions would look even better with new feather/down envelopes.

  3. Does the tailored casual slipcover tend to shift around or does it stay in place pretty well, say vs. The more tightly fitted upholstered slipcover? My sofa will need a cushion refresh too, are the down feather inserts/envelopes you mention expensive ? Where would I find them?

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