Natural Duck Slipcovers for the Patio

Canvas Chair Cushion Slipcovers
Patio chair slipcovers in #12 weight natural duck cloth.

My friends, Dave and Linda, sent me this photo of the canvas slipcovers I recently made for their poolside patio chairs.  Poolside in December?  Obviously they don’t live here in cold, snowy Michigan!

Once in awhile I make slipcovers for customers outside of my area.  I don’t do it often because the pattern method I use requires me to have access to the furniture.  But since the cushions were a simple rectangle box style and Dave was able to take accurate measurements from his existing covers I could easily do the project long distance.

I used #12 cotton duck/canvas in color Natural.

Although this fabric does not have a water, mold, stain or fade resistant coating, it’s still a good choice for outdoor use.  That is if you live in warm, dry Phoenix like Dave and Linda.  Lucky them 🙂  The thick #12 weight is woven super dense and is made with 2-ply yarns.  It naturally resists a certain amount of moisture and will hold up well to the elements for a long while with proper care.

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  1. And don’t forget, you did make my two slip covers. I did bring a chair for you to measure at your studio, but it’s good for folks to know you are available, whether they are close enough for you to go on-site or not. They can bring their pieces to you. Just saying, when someone has the experience and does the quality of work you do it’s worth it. I had no anxiety about whether or not the two wing back chair slipcovers you did for me would work out.
    Way to go!!! Loved your two ebooks two! You’re an untapped talent that more folks need to know about and access.

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