Replacement Slipcover For Ethan Allen Chair

Natural Denim Chair Slipcover

Carol, from Massachusetts, shipped her old blue denim slipcover to me to copy. I took it apart to make a pattern and cut it out in 12 oz. natural denim. Voila! A brand new look for her Ethan Allen chair. Doesn’t it look pretty next to her toile wallpaper and dark wood floors?

She writes: “I am sending you pictures of my chair with the slipcover. It fits PERFECTLY and looks AMAZING!!! Thank you SO much! I’m thrilled to have a “new” chair for Christmas!” 

Using Carol’s existing slipcover as a pattern worked out well because the original fit didn’t need any modifications. This was key since I couldn’t work with her chair in person.

Carol also shipped me cotton denim fabric that was very similar in weight and drape to her blue cover. The right fabric combined with a good fitting pattern always makes a great looking slipcover.


  1. Would you be interested in doing that again? I live in California and have a Pottery Barn wingback chair with a red, cordoruy slip cover that is showing wear. Paula

  2. Dear windmillfarm – I’ve been meaning to place a note here for you and anyone else interested in updating an older piece. Karen is amazing! I can’t express enough how happy I am with the slipcover Karen made for my chair. I only had to take a few measurements and mail her my old slipcover and viola! I had this beautiful “new” chair. The slipcover fits perfectly and the fabric is amazingly soft and comfortable. It fits beautifully in my new vacation home. My husband wasn’t thrilled that I decided to have a new slipcover made for this chair (in fact he was very skeptical about it all), but when he actually saw the chair and how perfect it looked, he himself said that Karen did an amazing job. He was very happy since we were hosting family for our first Christmas at our new home. So, if you have any (ANY) doubts, please put them aside, and if she is willing and able to do so, have Karen make you a new slipcover. In addition to having a quality product, her prices are very reasonable and it’s definitely better than buying a new piece of furniture. I’m thrilled and have actually asked Karen to make a second slipcover for the chair as well as another two for an older sofa that I have and love. You’re in good hands with Karen. Best, Carol

    1. Thank you Carol for all your comments and thoughts. I have been a follower of Karen for a long time and was so surprised and delighted when she showed the photo of your chair. I couldn’t believe she made one by just using the old one as a pattern. I really appreciate the comments about your satisfaction. Just this week, I purchased my fabric and she has me scheduled to do my slipcover the middle of February. Interestingly, I was thinking if I like my chair in white, I may have her do another one in red for me, so your point about having another one made is perfect!!! All my furniture pieces are slipcovered so I am a lover of that style, just had one in cordoroy-red and wanted to change things up a bit. I wished I lived closser to karen but since she will take on the projects by using old slipcover, than you can’t get better than that!! I enjoyed seeing your chair and check out my chair when she finishes it up probably at the end of February. Thanks again. Best Wishes.

  3. Paula – Karen did a fantastic job with my chair. I wanted to update it and although my husband was skeptical, I asked Karen if she could help me. I took some measurements of my chair and sent her one of my old slipcovers and in short order, she sent me a new slipcover. I can’t even begin to express how thrilled I was (still am) at how great Karen’s slipcover looks. It’s just lovely and fits my chair like a glove! She even revised the old design by removing all of the Velcro and adding a hidden zipper so that the slipcover would be easier to put it on and take off! And my husband was also very impressed and was very happy to have the chair redone since we were hosting his family for Christmas. Simply stated, Karen’s work is outstanding – – so much so that I’ve asked her to make another slipcover for my chair as well as two others for an old sofa that I love (I’ll be sending her the old slipcover set for that as well). I only WISH she was located in my area so I can have her make another slipcover for a sofa I just bought! So, if you’re having any doubts, put them aside because they’re not warranted here!! Karen knows what she’s doing and makes a quality product that boasts beauty, elegance and comfort. Best, Carol

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