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Favorite White and Natural Canvas for Slipcovers

Summer Slipcovers in Natural Canvas

A simple cotton canvas, also known as duck cloth, makes a great looking and comfy slipcover without spending a fortune on fabric.

Go with white or natural and you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck. Canvas in these soft neutral shades are versatile and have year round appeal.  The look is relaxed and casual. Choose 12 oz. or 14 oz. weight for best coverage and durability.

Here are two of my favorite canvas fabrics:

White 12 oz. cotton canvas I like the clean bright white color and cotton-y hand-feel. It softens up with wash. Very good coverage over most upholstery colors.

Natural #12 weight cotton duck Don’t confuse this #12 weight with a 12 oz. I prefer the #12 weight because it’s woven with 2-ply yarns (instead of single yarns) making it smoother, less grainy and more durable than regular 12 oz. natural canvas. It’s sooooo much nicer than a canvas drop cloth!

Be sure to pre-shrink these canvas fabrics before you make your slipcover. Here’s how I do it to reduce wrinkles.


Cottage Style Canvas Slipcover

Cot Poly Canvas Sofa Slipcover

stripe-sofa-before-slipcoverI installed this cotton poly slipcover at a lovely country home in Marne, Michigan this week.

The simple, relaxed design in creamy white fits right in with my customer’s cottage-style decor. It was just what she needed to give her sofa a style boost and brighten up her living space.

Sofa Makeover with Canvas Slipcover

My Favorite Fit for Custom Slipcovers

Washable Natural Sofa Slipcover

brown sofa before slipcoverThe wonderful thing about having a custom slipcover made is it can be designed to fit however you want: upholstered-like, shabby chic, loose fit, etc.

My favorite slipcover fit is the one shown here. I call it tailored casual.  It shows off the contours of the furniture without being too tight or too loose. The look is simple and relaxed. I especially like this fit for classic sofas and chairs I slipcover in heavyweight washed denim and canvas.

Denim Slipcover with Tailored Fit