Coral Print Slipcover for Ethan Allen Chair

Coral Print Slipcover by Karen Powell

Coral Print Slipcover for Ethan Allen ChairWhat a transformation! From outdated plaid to contemporary coral print, this slipcover makeover dramatically changed the look of my customer’s Ethan Allen chair.

The fabric:  Ariel Spa Green Coral Reef, a large coral pattern sized just right for this big wingback. Beautiful color, too! To conserve fabric I loosely matched the print on the front only. A tailored fit shows off the chair’s curvy features.

Coral Print Slipcover Close Up by Karen Powell

9 thoughts on “Coral Print Slipcover for Ethan Allen Chair

  1. Holly

    Love the print and color….so summery and beachy and fun! And such quality workmanship on the slipcover….it fits like a glove.

  2. Cheryl Pearson

    It looks like you tuck the fabric into the side of the wing to make smooth …right??? I’m working on my sofa that has a gentle wing then cushions across the back. Having a hard time making the wing look smooth. Your work is beautiful thanks for posting it.

  3. slipcovermaker Post author

    Hi Cheryl,
    Yes, there is a tuck in space where the inner wing meets inner back. When I cut out the slipcover I added a tuck in allowance 2 to 3″ wide x the length of the inner wing and inner side. To make it look smooth I tuck it in without pulling down or up on the fabric.

  4. Misty

    Hi…I have the exact Ethan Allen chair which I am looking to get a slipcover for during my search ran across this posting…I love the slipcover would love this slipcover with a different fabric…How much would this cost and how long would it take? Thanks 🙂

  5. slipcovermaker Post author

    Hi Misty,
    Are you local to the Kalamazoo, MI area? I need your furniture to do the pin-fitting or an old slipcover I can take apart to make the pattern. I don’t have slipcover patterns for that chair or any other style. Thanks for your interest!

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