Grey Linen Slipcover Shaped to Fit the Curves

Grey Linen Cotton Custom Slipcover

Curves, tufts and bulges, oh my!  This roly-poly chair was a doozie to slipcover.  I had to tackle it with just the right fabric and a few strategically placed shaping seams.

The fabric:  I used 8 oz. grey linen blend from Big Duck Canvas. It’s the $5 fabric find I told you about earlier this year. It worked like a charm for this project:  pliable enough to drape and shape over the bulges and thick enough to hide the plaid upholstery and tufting.  (As of today it looks like this fabric is out of stock. I knew it would go fast! Check with Big Duck for next availability.)

The fit:  A soft, relaxed fit was the way to go for this chair. Fabric doesn’t lay smoothly over puffy contours without some help from shaping seams. So, I created two of them on the inner back and one over each arm elbow. They’re like princess seams in a blouse. I edge stitched the seams to give them a finished look.

Custom Chair Slipcovers in Grey Linen Cotton

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