Grey Linen Slipcover Shaped to Fit the Curves

Do you want to slipcover your overstuffed rolled-top chair but not sure how to pin fit the puffy parts and curves? This post is for you! Learn where to place shaping seams and tucks to create a great fitting cover.

This rolled-top armchair’s soft curves, tufts, and puffy padding create a cozy and inviting feel. However, these same features make pin fitting a slipcover a little daunting.

When I first saw this chair, I wondered if it was a suitable candidate for a slipcover makeover. Could I design and pin a cover that not only fits well but also updates the look?

Custom Chair Slipcovers in Grey Linen Cotton

The answer was yes! I tackled the project with just the right fabric, and a few strategically placed shaping seams and tucks. And it worked out great! Here’s what I did.

First, I chose a supple fabric that would softly drape over the bulges and be thick enough to hide the plaid upholstery and tufts. The 10 oz linen blend canvas with a grainy texture did the trick.

You don’t have to use linen for this style of slipcover. Other fabrics that would work just as well are a washed cotton dropcloth, washed 10 to 12 oz cotton denim, and washed hemp canvas. The key is to avoid crisp, stiff fabric.

Rolled top chair slipcover shaping details.

Next, I had to figure out my slipcover design and where to put the shaping seams.

Fabric doesn’t lay smoothly over puffy contours without some help from shaping. So, I placed four seams across the inner back and added a couple of tucks to control the excess fabric along the rolled top. See the photo above.

When figuring out the shaping seam placement on your chair, consider the puffiest parts and scooped or sloped sections of the inner back. Those are the areas that need the most shaping.

Rolled top chair slipcover inner arm seams.

Here’s a closeup of the inner back where it joins to the inner arm. I edge stitched the shaping seams to give them a finished look. I love how the topstitched seams and welted seams complement each other.

Rolled top chair with fitted grey linen slipcover.

It was important to create a relaxed fit for this slipcover. The fabric forms to the chair shape without being too tight or baggy.

When pin fitting your chair, avoid pulling the inner back pieces taught. Let the fabric naturally shape to the contour with the help of your shaping seams.

English rolled arm chair grey linen slipcover.

So, what about those puffy front arms? It’s hard to tell by looking at the upholstered piece, but those are English rolled arms! No shaping seams needed. All they require are a few pleats around the front curve. Check out part 4 of this pin fit tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

I hope this post inspires you to tackle your puffy chair slipcover project. Give it a go, you can do it! – Karen


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