Simple Canvas Slipcover With a Twist

Custom Slipcover for Lazy Boy Chair

A simple slipcover in a neutral color. Sound boring? Not at all! Especially when you choose a fabric and seam detail that are unexpected.

For example, the fabric vision for this slipcover was grey cotton canvas. I could have easily gone with this basic solid grey 10 oz. canvas.

Instead, I chose a 12 oz. yarn-dyed canvas: black and natural yarns woven together to create a two-tone grey color effect. The yarn-dyed color has more depth and interest than a solid grey. It has the look of chambray. Love!

For the seam finish, welt cord was the standard choice. Well, it was until I started playing around with a French flange (flat welt). I’m so glad I did! The pretty 1/2″ flange with little pleats placed around the corners soften the chair’s boxy appearance.

Chair Slipcover Grey Canvas for Lazy Boy


  1. Love this slipcover! I’ve been thinking of using a French flange (I wasn’t sure what the proper term was so I was calling it a French seam except on the outside.) This is definitely the finish I want on my next slipcover. Funny I was just thinking about this yesterday, and today here it is in my Inbox 🙂

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