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Loveseat Slipcover in Pale Khaki Denim


A khaki slipcover? No way. Too yellow, too tan, too drab.  Then I found this khaki bull denim at Big Duck and it’s now one of my favorite neutrals for slipcovers.

It’s the soft, pale shade with a subtle gray-green cast that gives this khaki a fresh, updated look. I love it how it brightened up my customer’s space.

Custom Loveseat Slipcover in Khaki Denim

This khaki 12 oz. cotton bull denim is durable, washable and super versatile. Mix it with reds, blues, sage, white or charcoal.

Even though it is labeled “pre-shrunk” it still has some shrinkage so be sure to wash & dry your yardage before you make your slipcover. You will love the look and hand-feel even more after it’s laundered.

Tailored Slipcover for Loveseat with Attached Back

Loveseat with Attached BackAttached back cushions on a sofa or loveseat can be a little tricky to slipcover.

To get the best fit, I detach them and cover each one individually. This method is actually very simple and works great when the attached cushions are pillow-style.

For this slipcover project, however, that wasn’t the case. The back cushions were upholstered to the love seat frame. Detaching them was not an option.

Instead, I designed the slipcover to encase the attached cushions with a tailored fit using boxing panels.

Slipcover Example of Attached Cushions

Boxing the attached cushions at top, sides, center and bottom required a lot of extra work. This was not a beginner’s project! But the results are worth it. The slipcover functions better and looks more professional than had I created a one-piece tuck-in style cover.

Fabric for this project: 10 oz. cotton/poly canvas in color Charcoal from Big Duck Canvas.

This medium weight blend has a finer weave and smoother hand-feel than basic cotton canvas. It feels more like a densely woven poplin. Very durable for a 10 oz.  Very little shrinkage and low wrinkle. Pet owners beware: hair sticks easily to this fabric.

Attached Cushions with Boxed Panels


White Denim Slipcover for Vintage Loveseat

white denim slipcover by karen's custom slipcovers

My customer brought me this wonderful vintage loveseat; it’s one of two that sit in her living room. It was so much fun making slipcovers for them because the design is one of my favorites. It has so much old world charm!

The shell pink upholstery is faded and worn in places but the frame and feather cushions are in great shape. Thick, washed white denim worked great for this slipcover makeover, giving this old beauty a fresh, chic look.