Cheery Yellow Denim Slipcover

Eco Chic Yellow Denim Slipcover

I wanted to eat lemon drops and listen to Pharrell Williams HAPPY song while I was working on this slipcover project!

For this armchair makeover, I replaced my customer’s worn and faded slipcover with a new one in Sunflower Yellow Eco Chic Denim.  The cheery color looks fantastic in her Gull Lake home against the water view and next to her blue sectional slipcover.

I gave the back cushion a new look, too.  The feather-fill was matted and compressed.  Instead of having a new feather insert custom made, I refreshed the cushion by adding polyester pillow stuffing. I like using this down alternative fill because it’s springy, fluffy and mixes well with feathers. It plumped up the cushion and added much needed support.


  1. I really like this post because it’s so easy to see how professional your slipcovers are comnpared to the one that was on the chair. That one is all saggy and looks too big, obviously not a custom slipcover. The image of your lemon drop, Happy chair is beautiful in it’s environment. The cover fits so snuggly on the chair, the piping really stands out as a feature. I still look at the two wingback chair covers you made me (I’m sitting in one, Toby is on the other) and admire your craftmanship and your expert eye for the details others might overlook, or not even know to look for. Salute!

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