Cotton Linen Canvas for Slipcovers

This slipcover canvas provides the sturdiness of cotton and the beautiful slubby texture of linen. It’s washable and long-wearing. And, it’s half the price of 100% linen! Read why this natural home decor fabric is a favorite for custom covers.

Natural cotton linen slipcover on the armchair next to window.

I found a cotton linen canvas that is ideal for washable, everyday slipcovers! Hooray!!

This fabric find has been a long time coming. I’ve tested several cotton linen blends over the years but never landed on one that checked all of the boxes.

Well, this one does! I can finally recommend a cotton linen cloth in two colors, natural and white, that not only looks lovely but also performs great.

I supply this fabric to my slipcover customers only.

Preparing to slipcover club chair sitting on risers.
Beefy yet Supple

I recently worked with this canvas to make a custom slipcover for my big, cozy club chair. It turned out fantastic!

Slipcover pin fitted on armchair sitting on risers.

As I was working on the pin fitting, I noticed the canvas was more substantial than I initially thought. I think you will be pleasantly surprised that the 11 oz weight is beefy yet supple. A nice combination for a heavyweight canvas.

The natural color easily covered my chair’s dark burgundy upholstery. It even draped smoothly over the short pile. No clinging.

Club chair with natural cotton linen slipcover.
The look of linen

The characteristics I love most about this 85% cotton/15% linen canvas are the slubby texture and the floppy drape. They give the fabric a relaxed look and feel similar to 100% linen.

That doesn’t mean it’s limp. This tightly woven, cotton-rich canvas with thick and thin yarns is sturdy without feeling stiff or crunchy like a 100% cotton utility canvas.

Pleated skirt slipcover in natural cot linen canvas.
versatile neutral colors

The NATURAL cotton linen canvas is undyed. It’s woven with cotton and linen yarns that vary in shades of cream, natural and flecks of flax. It’s not super pale nor is it dark. I see slight undertones of grey that give the natural color an aged appearance. The color reminds me of worn vintage linen.

The WHITE cotton linen canvas is bleached to achieve a solid color. NOTE: because this is a bleached fabric, the color may vary from dye lot to dye lot, ranging from bright white to creamy white.

Chair slipcover with pleated skirt.

I hope my review of this cotton linen blend is helpful as you plan your next slipcover project.

Thanks for following! –Karen


  1. Your work is outstanding!! Wish I lived in your area in order to have covers ordered.

  2. I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration and the tutorials your site provided to me to muster the courage to attempt make slipcovers for a pair of bergere chairs in beautiful condition with a dark outdated floral fabric ( for me) that I found on marketplace. I used a 10 ounce natural canvas for the body and a nice bright contemporary floral cotton print for the cushions. It’s been a five week long journey that has put to the test my basic skills but I will have both completed this week. I have one more pair of arm covers to make. I am quite proud of myself. I did a few modifications to the arms to highlight as much wood as I could on the arms. They turned out perfect for my casual style. I learned a lot from you. Where to start and the sequence to follow. Thank you so much.

    1. Congratulations, Lynda! Making a slipcover for a Bergere chair, let alone a pair, is not for the faint of heart. I’m thrilled the inspiration and tutorials on my blog boosted your courage to take on the project and get it done! Enjoy your beautiful slipcovered chairs.

  3. Now that I am done drooling over your pin-fitting techniques…..Thanks for this review, Karen! I am looking for fabric to make a slipcover for our sofa this year. I will definitely consider this fabric my friend 😊

    1. You’re welcome, Cindy! It’s exciting you are going to make your own sofa slipcover. Let me know what you think of cotton linen canvas. It’s a beauty!

  4. Absolutely beautiful! I will repeat a former comment; wish I lived where you are so I could get a chair covered.

  5. Your chair turned out beautifully! The drape is so nice and the fabric looks to be a lovely product that offers the best features of both cotton and linen!

  6. I’ve draped some canvas paint drop cloths over a sofa to test and am dismayed to find we are very prone to spills and stains and even ink marks nowadays. So I think light colors are not a great idea for us. Do you have a recommendation for a navy taupe or stone color for a home machine?

  7. I wish I lived in your area as well so I could have a couple of pieces covered. You do lovely work.
    Instead, I will apply all the information you have so generously shared with all of us and attempt to make a slipcover on my own.
    Thank you for all you do!

  8. I just love this entry (and this blog!). I appreciate the detailed pictures and most of all the honesty you pour into your postings. I am truly inspired every time I come to your site. I haven’t made a slipcover yet but keep gathering knowledge from you for when I find that time to do so. Keep up the great work!!

    1. Stacy, thanks a bunch for following my blog! It makes me happy to know my content inspires you. Yes, keep gathering knowledge and one day you will be ready to create your own lovely slipcover.

  9. I am inspired to tackle a slipcover for my Ethan Allen chair. Your tutorials are wonderful. If all goes well I may try my sofa. Can you successfully make a slipcover for a tufted back sofa? How would you fill the tufts?

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