Cotton-Poly Canvas Slipcover for Pottery Barn Sofa

Custom Slipcover Pottery Barn Sofa Grey Canvas
Slipcover Fabric Cotton Poly Canvas Grey

A custom-made slipcover for a large boxy sofa, like Andrea’s Pottery Barn piece, looks and functions best in a supple heavyweight fabric. It covers and defines the squared arms and other angular features better than a lighter weight fabric that is too limp or clingy.

For this project I used cotton-poly canvas in Charcoal. Besides being durable and washable this cloth has the same contemporary vibe as the sofa design. I love it when function, fit and fabric are in sync!

Charcoal Slipcover for Pottery Barn Sofa


    1. Hi Nancy,
      I buy the Charcoal cotton poly canvas from my wholesale supplier. I don’t share the resource.
      I stock it from time to time. Right now I have 3 pieces: 18 yards, 5 yards and 3 yards all cut from
      the same dye lot. Price: $18/yard plus shipping. Happy to send a swatch. Reach out to me through
      my contact page:

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