From Matelasse Bedspread to Chaise Slipcover

Matelasse Slipcover for Vintage Chaise

Do you love the look of a matelasse slipcover but don’t want to spend a fortune on the fabric? Instead of buying yardage (it can get pricey) try re-purposing a matelasse bedspread.  That’s what my customer and I did for her vintage chaise.

Even though I used about every inch of Pam’s king size bedspread it wasn’t quite enough to cover the entire chaise.  I needed a companion fabric for the sides, back, skirt and piping.  I chose a 12 oz. white cotton duck from Big Duck Canvas.  A nice contrast!

Matelasse and Cotton Duck Slipcover
Matelasse Slipcover for Vintage Chaise

Using a bedspread, coverlet or quilt for a slipcover is a great way to create a unique piece and save money. Here are a few thing to keep in mind for best results:

Map out fabric placement before you start cutting.  I wanted the matelasse to be the main focus so I allocated it to the most visible areas:  inner back, arms, seat and lower deck.  Since I was limited on fabric, I selected only a few key areas for matching the diamond pattern.

Select a companion fabric with a contrast texture.  I went with a basic cotton duck because of it’s understated look. It allowed the raised texture of the matelasse to pop.

Combine colors that match or compliment.  White-on-white was our color scheme for this project.  The matelasse and canvas I used were exactly the same shade of white making the fabric combination look intentional.

Read my review of Big Duck Canvas 12 ounce white cotton duck on my Fabrics page.


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