Hemp Canvas: A Good Choice for Slipcovers


Have you considered hemp for your slipcover project? One of my favorite hemp fabrics you might like is the versatile, casual 11 oz. semi-bleached canvas. The natural color and slubby texture is ideal for creating a neutral backdrop for just about any home décor project: pillow and cushion covers, slipcovers and window shades.

Hemp canvas is durable but not stiff and scratchy like the stuff you probably remember from years ago. Today’s version is supple and softens nicely with wear and wash. You can throw a lot of wear at hemp and the fiber will remain strong.

And, here’s a tidbit that might surprise you: the color deepens slowly with age and sunlight exposure, resembling a subtle tea stain look.

Read more about my favorite hemp fabrics here.


    1. Liz,
      My hemp slipcovers don’t shrink because I pre-shrunk the fabric before I made them. That’s
      very important to do other wise they will shrink and won’t fit.

      1. Thank you for the info, I live cery close to hemp traders company here in California. I have been looking for a nice fabric for my sofas. Would it be too much to ask, how you pre shrink them?

      2. Liz,

        I pre-shrink the hemp canvas just like I would any other natural fiber fabric. Cut your yardage into 5 yard pieces. Machine wash one at a time in hot water, no detergent. Tumble dry hot. Wet yardage in the dryer winds up into a ball pretty quickly. So I remove the yardage about every 5 to 10 minutes, unwind it and put it back in the dryer for about the first 30 minutes of drying time. This helps minimize wrinkles.

        Tip: before you buy yardage needed for your sofa slipcover, I suggest buying only one yard to wash test it and drape it over your sofa to see if you like the look and feel.


  1. Thank you so much Karen!
    You have been of great help and inspiration as well.
    I had been debating on a slipcover for my sofas but it has been so hard finding a good fabric. I found hemp traders before I found you but I had no idea, if it’ ll work.
    Thank you again, I’ll give it and order a yard or so to test.

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