How I Slipcovered This Tricky Attached Back Chair

Arhaus Chair Before Slipcover Makeover

Figuring out the best way to slipcover this attached back chair was a puzzle at first.

Should I detach the two back cushions and replace them with one loose slipcovered cushion?  Or, if I leave the cushions attached should I cover them separately? Or, cover them as one?

I chewed on those questions for several days after receiving Priscilla’s photos of her Arhaus chair. And, even then I wasn’t coming up with a definite answer!

The problem was I couldn’t tell from her pictures if it was feasible to remove the back cushions. Some pillow-style back cushions should not be detached. Read why. I also couldn’t get a sense of how deep the tuck-ins were at the side and bottom or how they were shaped.

When the chair arrived at my workroom I was able to pull and poke at those cushions from every direction. I could see and feel how they were attached. I had my answer!

Natural Canvas Slipcover for Arhaus Chair

I decided to leave the cushions in place and treat this project as I would a wing back chair. Cover the cushions like a tight back and add tuck-ins.  Well, sort of.

Because the attached cushions were shaped and sized differently, puffy and uneven there was no way to create a smooth, tight fit.

So, I concentrated on capturing the contour. Once I did that the fabric draped across the front of the cushions exactly where it needed to go.

Attached Back Slipcover Detail

I discovered it wasn’t necessary to cover the two cushions separately and add another tuck-in across the middle.

Natural Canvas Slipcover with Attached Back

Pinning the curved, rolled top of the chair was tricky, too. There was no place to add a tuck-in!

The upholstery seam in that area holds the back cushion upright. A slipcover can’t do that if there isn’t a deep, tight space to hold the tuck-in fabric.

The solution? I created an exposed “tuck-in” piece that joins the cushion top to the inner back.  From there it attaches to the side tuck-ins, which do a good job of keeping the cushion cover in place.

Natural Canvas Slipcover for Arhaus Armchair

Using washed #12 weight natural canvas from Big Duck was key for this project.

It’s a beefy, stable and supple fabric that has excellent coverage. Stable = zero to minimal stretch or ease.  It gave structure to the slipcover especially in those difficult to cover areas.

Natural Canvas Slipcover Corner Detail

I never underestimate the function and visual appeal of welt cord. I like how it gave definition to the back cushions and curved top. It also did the same for the scooped arms and barrel back.


  1. Just marvelous…you reshaped it wonderfully, and yes that fabric fits just right.

    Eagerly awaiting when you decide to start teaching.

    Thanks for sharing.😊❤️

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