Stunning Slipcover Makeovers for Estate Sale Chairs

Summer is the best season for finding a super deal on a secondhand chair at an estate sale or garage sale.  If you find one with makeover potential, grab it!

A well-made, older piece is a good candidate for a slipcover especially if it’s sturdy, comfortable and has the right foot print for your space. Tip: check the condition of the frame, seat springs and cushion inserts before you buy.

Look past the ugly, outdated upholstery and imagine the possibilities.  Here are 4 slipcover makeovers that will inspire a new look for your found treasure.

Wingback Slipcover Blue Leaf Print

This contemporary foliage print was just what we needed to give Roz’s old-fashioned wing back a style boost  What a transformation!

The oversized motif suites the chair’s tall and wide proportions. That was key when choosing a print for this project.  I decided not to match it because it’s a loose, allover design with a large repeat.  I added a couple of shaping seams on the curved inner back for a smooth fit.

Fabric: P/K Lifestyles Cast a Shadow, color Indigo.

Denim Slipcover Makeover for Old Chair

Barb has a knack for finding good quality secondhand chairs.  She chooses classic pieces with good bones, which always look terrific slipcovered.

For this makeover, I updated her chair with washable natural denim and a tailored skirt. Looks like an entirely different chair! It’s so versatile, too. Barb can move this piece from room to room if she wants and it will fit right in.

White Denim Custom Chair Slipcover

Fabric: 12 oz natural cotton bull denim from Big Duck Canvas.  

A slipcover in washed white denim unified Nellie’s old-school plaid chair with the rest of her casual, beachy living room furniture.

To highlight the charming turned front legs, English rolled arms and squishy feather-filled seat cushion Nellie had me make her new slipcover with a short box pleat skirt and navy welt.

Fabric: 12 oz white cotton bull denim from Big Duck Canvas.

Washed Navy Linen Chair Slipcover

You never know what type of chair you’ll find when shopping secondhand. My sister found this little vintage piece at an estate sale and couldn’t resist bringing it home even though it had seen better days.

She wanted her new slipcover to have a relaxed feel and tailored fit, something that would soften the stately character of the chair but honor the modern vibe.  Washed linen was the way to go. I mimicked the channel back design and outlined the unique contour with welt cord.

Fabric: 12 oz Brazil 100% linen, color Navy Blue #6.

I hope you find the perfect chair this summer. Have fun treasuring hunting!


  1. Great post!! That first chair is out of this world stunning😊💗 I admire your ability to get such a perfect fit in each of your pieces. I have slipcovered many pieces for myself over the years and have just recently started slipcovering pieces in our furniture restoring and reinventing business! If we lived close, I would definitely take classes from you 😊 Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Cindy! Slipcovers sound like a good match to your other furniture makeover services. Achieving a good fit
      comes with practice. I’m certain you will get the hang of it in no time. All the best with your business!

  2. Hello, I enjoy your posts very much. I have made several sets of slipcovers and have a question regarding leather. Is it possible to make slipcovers for a leather chair? Would you need to anchor the fabric to the faux leather so it wouldn’t slip? If so, how? Thank you.

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