Natural Denim: My Go-To Fabric for Slipcovers

Nine Cushion Sofa Slipcover

Worn & loved, and slightly dog chewed, this pretty slope arm sofa is still in excellent shape. It needed nothing more than a slipcover makeover.

Heavy weight natural denim from Big Duck Canvas was the go-to fabric for this project. It’s one of my favorite denims when a slipcover calls for family and dog friendly fabric. It’s durable, washable and super versatile.

Natural Denim Cushion Covers

I especially like using the BDC natural denim for sofas that have a lot of box cushions — this one has nine!

The beefy 12 oz. weight adds just the right amount of structure and coverage to the cushion covers.

It also makes really nice self welt trim, not bulky at all when used with a 5/32 size cord.  I used it to frame out all of the cushions, arm panels and hem edge on this slipcover to create a relaxed tailored look.


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