Simple White Denim Slipcover for French Chair

Less is more was the vision for my customer’s pair of French chair slipcovers.  No buttons, no ties or welt cord trim.  Just simple, clean styling with hidden Velcro closures.  Lovely!

White Denim French Chair Slipcover by Karen Powell
White French Slipcover over Old TIcking

The old ticking upholstery is so cool looking but the dark stripe showed through the white denim.  Adding a lining was an easy fix.  It also gave the medium weight denim covers a little extra heft.

French Chair Slipcover in White Denim

I added a box-style skirt instead of hemming the slipcover to follow the curvy seat detail.  A nice contrast to the ornate design of the chair.


  1. I, too, love the clean, white denim juxtaposed with the graceful, french curves. Another beautiful job!

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