Sofa Slipcover Copy in Silk

Sofa Slipcover Replacement in Silk

An old slipcover that has its original fit still in tack is my favorite to copy. It makes the best template — no fit issues.  My customer’s silk cover was one of those.  The fabric was worn and torn in spots but that didn’t interfere at all with making a good fitting slipcover copy.

My customer found exactly the same drapery weight silk used in the original.  How lucky was that!?  By using a good template and same fabric, I was able to recreate the fit, look and function (including a full lining) of the old slipcover.

When my customer received his new slip he replied: “Very impressed. Thanks for the beautiful work.”  Happy customer, happy me. 🙂

Back View of Silk Sofa Slipcover


  1. Hi! I have a couch made up of large cushions on a wooden base and I need to replace the covers. I sew all my own wardrobe so I’m hoping to do this myself. When you copy a slipcover, do you unpick any of the original or do you simply make a template from the original and add seam allowances? Many thanks.

  2. Simply amazing!!! That fabric looks beautiful and I would imagine it wasn’t easy to work with. Doesn’t it ravel? Great Job Karen.

    1. Thanks so much, Paula! Oh yes, that silk fabric tested my nerves 🙂 Slippery, pucker-y and raveled like crazy. But the slipcover template was a dream.

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