White Canvas Slipcover for Lovely Vintage Chair

White Carr Go Canvas Chair Slipcover

Susan’s vintage English rolled arm chair was upholstered not too long ago. Looks great!  To keep it looking that way she thought a washable slipcover would come in handy especially when her grand kids come to visit.

I used Carr-Go Canvas in color White. This is a medium weight cotton fabric with a lightly brushed surface.  If you’re making your own slipcover on a home sewing machine, you will be able to handle the thickness with ease.

Carr-Go Canvas washes up nicely but watch out when pressing it. Pressing with hot steam causes random yellow spots and marks!  I was shocked because I press all kinds of white and natural fabrics with my basic home iron (with filtered water) and I never have a problem. My advice: set your iron to NO STEAM.

Custom Slipcover in Carr Go Canvas White


  1. Karen- I have used this fabric in the natural color many times with no problems. Have you run across the spotting issue in any colors but white? By the way, the slipcover is beautiful!!

    1. Thanks Pam — I have used Carr-Go in color natural many times also and it presses just fine. It’s odd the yellowing issue only happens on white. Perhaps a chemical reaction between the hot steam and the fabric finish/dye stuff??

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