White Hemp Canvas for Slipcovers

This white hemp canvas looks and feels like designer linen fabric. It’s not only gorgeous it’s also strong and long wearing, making it ideal for washable slipcovers that get daily use. Read my review and get helpful tips for cutting and sewing with it.

White hemp canvas fabric on a roll.

This week I’m making a slipcover replacement for an oversized armchair and ottoman using my favorite linen alternative: 11 oz hemp canvas in color natural, which is a lovely shade of off-white.

I frequently use this heavyweight hemp fabric instead of similar quality 100% linen canvas. Why? Because it offers the same look, feel, and performance at nearly half the price.

I’m always pleased with the results. I think you will be, too.

Let’s dive into my full review and I will tell you more about this beautiful hemp canvas. Plus, I share tips for cutting and sewing it with ease.

Stack of white hemp canvas fabric and welt cord.

White Hemp Canvas Review

I’ve always been impressed with the durability of hemp textiles and this 100% hemp canvas is no exception. It checks all of my boxes for a long-wearing slipcover fabric:

  • tightly woven
  • strong
  • versatile
  • washable

I like the 11 oz. weight. It’s not too heavy or stiff to sew on a home sewing machine. It also offers good coverage over most upholstery fabrics. I draped a piece over a burgundy wingback chair and the dark color didn’t show through!

Now, here is the thing that excites me most about the look of this fabric. Do you see the little nubs and slubs woven throughout the canvas? They are natural characteristics of the hemp fiber just as they are in linen. They create a subtle, imperfect texture that gives the fabric its rustic beauty. So pretty!

Close up of cushion covers made in white hemp canvas.

What about the hand feel? After you wash and dry this canvas it takes on a wonderful floppy drape and a softly dimpled appearance just like washed linen.

Be sure to preshrink your yardage to work out the bulk of the shrinkage and soften the hand feel. Expect it to shrink 2 inches on a one-yard length and 1 inch on the width during preshrink.

White hemp canvas compared to white linen canvas.

The photos above compare the appearance of the 11 oz hemp canvas to 12 oz Brazil linen canvas, another fabric I use often for slipcovers.

Both of these fabrics make beautiful, long-wearing slipcovers. They have a slightly different look and hand feel but in terms of performance, they are of equal quality.

The biggest difference is the price.

White hemp canvas zipper placket on a cushion cover.

Tips for Cutting & Sewing Hemp Canvas

The 11 oz hemp canvas is supple and easy to work with. It’s not bulky or stiff. However, the fiber itself is very strong so use sharp tools to pin, cut, and sew.

  • Use very sharp scissors with comfortable handles! Especially when you cut two layers at a time.
  • Sew with a new, sharp point needle size 14 or 16 and change it out halfway through your project.
  • Set your straight length on 3 or 4.
  • Use 1 1/2 inch strong, sharp point straight pins for your pin fitting.
  • Use a strong thread. I use size T-40 poly-wrapped poly core thread for my industrial machine. You can also use it on your home sewing machine if you have a thread stand for the large spool. Otherwise, use Gutermann’s all-purpose poly thread size T-30 size.
  • Cut the fabric for your pin fitting, cushion covers, and skirt panels all in the same direction on the fabric — either up the roll or railroaded. This ensures the texture and the natural give of the fabric runs the same way on all of your slipcover pieces.

Have fun exploring this white hemp canvas! Buy a yard and do a wash and stitch test. It could be a wonderful alternative to white linen for your next slipover project.

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